Kevin¡¯s old house is an old garden hotel, in the old French Concession. The four-storey villa housing the eatery has a history dating back to 80 years.

As you walk into the villa, the lion¡¯s head-shaped doorknob and golden floor tiles create a splendid, elaborate vista. The reception desk, which is actually a camphor wood chest, is distinctive and adds a traditional Chinese touch. The Italian landscape picture on the wall perfectly matched the style of the restaurant to the lobby. Near the stairs there¡¯s an old Moultrie piano, which is an only one of its kind in Shanghai. The quaint furniture and knick-knacks, old ¨Cfashioned desk lamp and old pictures of shanghai are all from the owner¡¯s antique collection. All of the six luxurious rooms (two suite and four double rooms) sprawl over 70 square meters. The guest rooms are bright, comfortable, spacious, and equipped with Chinese-style furniture king-sized beds, sizeable desks and other modern facilities. Every detail in the room is made for the guest¡¯s utmost comfortable and satisfaction.

Kevin¡¯s old house offers 5-star hotel standard service provides. The 24-hour room service provides cleaning laundry, mailing, ironing, tickets-booking, and walk-up calls. The rooms are fitted with Wi-Fi internet access, satellite TV, in-room faces and other modern comforts.

Anyone who wants to come to Shanghai, experience the changing times and ¡°The Alley Culture Life¡± of Shanghai, Kevin¡¯s old house is your best choice.
Come stay with us and experience it for yourself.